(Last Updated On: August 30, 2018)
If you are applying for food stamps, you have probably heard about the Tennessee food stamps income limit which exists for 2018. The income limit is the most important eligibility criteria your household must meet in order to be approved for food stamps (SNAP Benefits) or EBT. In this article, we are going to show you how you can calculate the gross monthly income for your household, the net monthly income for your household and then help you determine how much food stamps you will get if you qualify for benefits.

Tennessee food stamp income limit 2018

The table below shows you the household income limits you have to meet to qualify for SNAP benefits. As you will find, you have to meet both the gross monthly and net monthly income requirements, unless you are in a household that is exempt. For exemption information, scroll down to the bottom of this article. To get from your gross income to the net income, you have to take certain deductions. See the list of deductions allowable below:

"Tennessee food stamps income limit"

Deductions Allowed to Get to Net Income

The deductions below can be taken from the gross monthly income to arrive at the net monthly income.

"Tennessee food stamps income deductions"

How to Calculate Your Gross Income

If you are having trouble determining the gross monthly income for your household, we have a helpful tip below, which walks you through an example of how you can get the gross monthly income you need to see if you qualify. After you are done, match the information against the table above to see if you qualify.

"Tennessee food stamps gross income"

How to Calculate Your Net Income

Here is helpful tips on how you calculate the net monthly income for your household by taking the necessary allowable deductions. After you calculate this, match it against the table above to see if you qualify.

"Tennessee food stamps net income calculation"

How Much Food Stamps will I get?

Once you finish calculating your gross and net monthly income and you determine that you qualify, the next question you may be asking is how much in benefits you are going to get? Well, the table below provides you the maximum benefit you may receive based on your income and number of people in your household.

"how much will I get in TN Food stamps"

Exemptions to Tennessee food stamps income limit:

There are a few categories of households who do not have to meet all or any of the income limit requirements. If all member of your household are receiving Title IV (TANF), SSI, or in some places general assistance, you do not have to meet the food stamps income test. Also, if you live in a household where there is an elderly person or a person who is receiving certain types of disability payments, then that household will only have to meet the net income test to qualify for Georgia food stamps (SNAP Benefits).

If you qualify, here is how to apply:

Apply for Tennessee Food Stamps Online or in-Person
Find a Food Stamps Office Near You
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