This post is about Tennessee EBT Card Balance or how to check the amount on the Benefits Security Card. If you are currently receiving food stamps or SNAP Benefits in Tennessee, then your funds are deposited on an EBT card or what is also called a Benefits Security Card. Family first benefits are also deposited on an EBT card.

"Tennessee EBT Card Balance"

How to Check Tennessee EBT Card Balance

There are three different ways to check the balance on your card.


You can view the balance on your card online. To do so, you should have already registered your card online. If you have not yet registered the card online, then this option is not available to you until you do so. Click here to check the balance online if you have already created an online account. If that link does not work, try this site. You can also register your card now if you want to get online access in the future.

"Tennessee EBT Card Balance check"

Over the Phone

You can also check the balance on your EBT card over the phone. The EBT Card customer service phone number is 1-888-997-9444. You will be asked to enter your EBT card number. Follow the prompts to get your balance or to speak to a customer service representative to check your balance.

If the number we provided above does not work, you should visit the website of the Tennessee Department of Human Services to get an updated number for EBT Customer Service.

Your Last Receipt

You can also check the balance on your card by looking at your last or most recent receipt, which should show the balance remaining on your card.




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