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This article is about how to login to the TN DHS Case Connect Website. If you have an application pending with the Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) for family assistance and would like to check the status or have been approved for benefits like SNAP Food Stamps and would like to review information on your case, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a detailed post on how to login into case connect here. If you are new to case connect, we have instructions below on how to create an account. If you have an account and would simply would like to login, see the step below:

DNS Case Connect Login

To login into Case Connect, click here to visit the website and click on the “Returning Users” button as shown in the arrow below. If you do not have a case connect account, then click on the “New Users” button to create an account. See the information below on how to create an account:

"TN Case Connect Login"

How to Create a Case Connect Account

To create a new Case Connect Account, click on the “Create Account” button and follow the instructions as shown below.¬†You will first be asked for your name and email address.

"how to create case connect account"
On the next page, you will be asked to create a username and password as shown below. Be sure to create a strong password as online fraud targeting government benefits is on the rise and you don’t want to be a victim of that. For help creating a strong password, click here. Once you successfully create a username and password, you will then be taken to a page to select security questions that will be used in the future to help you login when the system detects suspicious activity on your account or a suspicious login.

We hope you found this article helpful in login into the Tennessee Case Connect website. If you have any questions about login or are experiencing issues logging in, please tell us in the comments section below.



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  1. I applied for snap and family and haven’t recieved a phone call interview. I just ant to know if im eligible. thank thank you.

  2. I was told that I was eligible for emergency benefits but I didn’t send in last check stub. However I sent in lady stub and former employer didn’t and still hasn’t sent a separation notice. It was sent to the address on the envelope you all sent me. I haven’t been wble to get through the line nor leave message for my caseworker Constance Napoleon. My case number is 001251254

  3. My name is Sabrina Bailey i haven’t received a call from my case worker or her supervisor i have called the 1615743200 several times I need my stamps I have five kids haven’t got snap since nov

  4. today is my benefit date and my stamps are not on my card can you tell me why please gall me at 615-484-7706

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